October is Energy Awareness Month - Clean and Green

August 28, 2007

The Department of Energy’s theme for Energy Awareness Month 2007 is Clean and Green ...for a Secure Energy Future. By showing the energy and money saving technologies and practices that we can choose at home, at work, and in our daily commutes, the theme underscores the message that clean energy choices work together with energy efficiency and awareness. By choosing and using energy wisely, we improve our quality of life, and we secure our future with diverse, reliable, and affordable energy sources.

This poster and accompanying handout materials, including sticky note pads, room temperature cards, and computer monitor calendars, are available in limited quantities after September 25. To create your own printed materials, high-resolution graphics are supplied on A Power Kit: Awareness Resources on CD ROM. For more information, see FEMP Materials for 2007 Energy Awareness Month.

Learn more about FEMP's You Have the Power campaign.