FEMP Industrial Facilities Initiative Provides Tools to Reduce Industrial Sites' Energy Use

April 11, 2008

The Department of Energy's (DOE's) Industrial Technologies Program and FEMP partnered to create the FEMP Industrial Facilities Initiative. This initiative, led by Melissa Madgett of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, provides tools, training, and plant-wide assessments to improve the energy efficiency and productivity of industrial facilities at Federal sites. The initiative's latest Web-based training for Federal facilities took place in September 2007 and was a huge success, training 138 attendees to use the DOE Best Practices Chilled Water System Analysis Tool (CWSAT).

A recording of the September 2007 CWSAT Web cast can be viewed at https://www.gotomeeting.com/register/698318757. Contact Melissa Madgett at madgettmg@ornl.gov if you would like to receive two Professional Development Hours for your virtual attendance after viewing the archived Web cast.

The CWSAT software tool allows users to identify energy saving opportunities in their chilled water systems. Users input data on their plants' existing equipment and operations, then select energy-saving measures and/or adjust input parameters to see the impact on energy consumption and operating costs. Typical improvements to chilled water systems average $16,000 in cost savings with an average payback of less than two years.

CWSAT and many other software tools are available at the Industrial Technologies Program's BestPractices Web site at www.eere.energy.gov/industry/bestpractices/resources.html. The site lists additional training opportunities, publications, and other resources to help reduce energy consumption in the Federal sector.

Energy Assessments at Federal Sites

FEMP's Industrial Facilities Initiative also provides industrial energy assessments to Federal customers. ("Industrial" facilities are those having a large amount of capital equipment and energy use devoted to other than heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, or service hot water of the facility for the occupants' comfort.) The assessments focus on energy-intensive processes such as production, manufacturing, treatment, refurbishment, destruction, and product testing. The assessments may take a comprehensive look at the entire industrial process or focus on a particular system (steam, process heat, compressed air, fans, etc.), depending upon the needs of the customer. The assessments produce a final report that identifies potential energy and energy cost saving measures and potential productivity improvements, with cost estimates for implementation.

For more information on FEMP's Industrial Facilities Initiative software tools and industrial assessments, please contact Melissa Madgett at document.title = "Federal Energy Management Program: FEMP Industrial Facilities Initiative Provides Tools to Reduce Industrial Sites' Energy Use";