New Technology Publications Available on the FEMP Web Site

April 11, 2008

The Federal Energy Management Program recently published four additional New Technologies publications that are available on the FEMP Web site.

Summary of Results from Testing a 30-kW-Microturbine and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System. This Federal Technology Alert summarizes the results of a series of CHP system tests performed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory CHP Integration Test Facility. The tests were performed using a 30-kW microturbine and thermally activated technologies (TATs) including an indirect-fired, single-effect absorption chiller, direct- and indirect-fired desiccant dehumidifiers, and an air-to-water heat exchanger. The document's target audience is energy managers who are considering installation of a microturbinebased CHP system. The document reports test results for an individual microturbine or one integrated with TATs.

Field Testing of Pre-Production Prototype Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters. This Technology Focus provides an overview of the field testing of 18 pre-production prototype units of a "drop-in" type residential heat pump water heater installed in a wide variety of host home situations across the United States for more than one year. It gives descriptions of the construction, installation, control, instrumentation, and data acquisition methodologies employed with the units, as well as interpretations of the measured results.

Wireless Temperature Sensors for Improved HVAC Control. This Technology Installation Review describes the installation of a wireless temperature sensor network at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory in Duluth, Montana. The objective of the wireless sensor demonstration was to showcase the technology so the experiences with the technology and benefits of the project may be replicated throughout the Federal sector. The lessons learned during the deployment and use of the technology are discussed, as well as operational and energy improvements attributable to the use of the wireless technology.

Energy Savings from Small Near-Zero-Energy Houses. This Technology Installation Review provides an overview of the construction and monitoring of four small single-family houses that achieve dramatic reductions in energy consumption and approach the goal of "net zero energy use" that the U.S. Department of Energy's Building Technology Office has set for itself. (A net-zero-energy building is one that produces as much energy from on-site renewable energy as it consumes on an annual basis.) This study discusses the construction methods, building products, appliances and equipment, and data collection methodologies used in the houses and provides data on energy savings gathered through the monitoring effort.

These and many other technology publications are available on the FEMP Web site at