Earth Day Is April 22: Tap into the Powerful Potential of Energy Efficiency

April 11, 2008

Photo of Earth Day poster.

Energy efficiency is one of the best ways for the Federal government to help America achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security. It is the quickest, least expensive, and cleanest way to extend our energy supplies.

This year's Earth Day theme, Tap Into the Powerful Potential of Energy Efficiency, reinforces how each Federal employee can help reverse our nation's dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, while helping to protect our vital natural resources. Efficiency means more than the ability to achieve a desired result without wasted effort. With efficiency, we can achieve more productivity, savings, and security.

FEMP's Earth Day poster and accompanying handout materials, including note pads, key tags, and light switch covers, are available in limited quantities beginning April 1, 2008. To create your own printed materials, high-resolution graphics are supplied on A Power Kit: Awareness Resources on CD ROM. Please call the EERE Information Center at 1-877-337-3463 to place an order. To learn more about the You Have the Power campaign, please visit the FEMP Web site at