Get Recognized-Nominate Projects for Energy Management Awards

April 11, 2008

Photo of presentation of colors.
Presentation of Colors at the 2007 Presidential Awards for Leadership in Federal Energy Management.

The Federal Energy Management Program has released 2008 Criteria and Guidelines for its three awards programs:

  • Presidential Awards for Leadership in Federal Energy Management
    Established in 2001 in response to Executive Order 13123, Greening the Government Through Efficient Energy Management, to honor agency teams that exemplify Federal leadership in energy management and have excelled in the use of the energy efficiency and management tools specified in the Order. Executive Order 13423, Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management, continues this prestigious award program.
  • Federal Energy and Water Management Awards
    Founded in 1981 by the Department of Energy and the Federal Interagency Energy Policy Committee to recognize Federal organizations, teams, and individuals for outstanding efforts to conserve energy and water resources, use renewable technologies, and reduce the environmental impact of energy use.
  • DOE Energy Management Awards (for DOE facilities only)
    First established in 1979 by the Department of Energy's In-House Energy Management Program, this program is now reinstated to recognize exemplary DOE programs, facilities, and individuals who promote the goals of the Secretary of Energy's TEAM Initiative and show superior leadership in effective, efficient energy management.

These programs reward efforts across the Federal government to save energy, reduce energy costs in federal facilities, promote a cleaner environment, accelerate technology transfer, strengthen our national security, and create a stronger economy.

Please note the following changes to the 2008 award programs from prior years:

Some 2008 Federal Energy and Water Management Award categories have changed. The "Energy Efficient Mobility" and "Energy Security and Reliability" categories were eliminated. Two new categories, "Sustainable Design/High Performance Buildings" and "Vehicle Fleet Management," are now added to align with the goals of Executive Order 13423. Additionally, to preclude redundancy with the Sustainable Design category, FEMP is no longer accepting nominations for Federal Energy Saver Showcase designations. FEMP strongly encourages agencies to select their own exemplary facilities to recognize internally as showcases, as well as submit nominations for these facilities for awards under this new Sustainable Design category or other appropriate existing award categories.

For Department of Energy facilities, unlike previous years where DOE Awards were chosen from Federal Energy and Water Management Award nominations, the DOE Energy Management Awards now have their own set of criteria and guidelines focused on DOE's TEAM Initiative. Therefore, if a DOE program plans to submit a project for a Federal Energy and Water Management Award, a separate nomination addressing the goals of the TEAM Initiative is now required.

All award nominations are due to the Federal Energy Management Program office by May 23, 2008. The combined 2008 criteria and guidelines and coversheet for the Presidential and Federal Energy Awards and separate guidelines and coversheet for the DOE Awards may be downloaded from the FEMP Web site. Please visit

For more information about the Presidential Awards, please contact Annie Haskins of FEMP at or 202-586-4536. For information about the Federal Awards, please contact Amanda Sahl at or 202586- 1662. For information about the DOE Energy Management Awards, please contact Jennifer McCain at or 202-586-1573.