New Motor Sourcebook Helps Boost System Efficiency and Performance

September 29, 2008

As electric motors use roughly 60% of electricity in industrial applications, optimizing these systems is critical to reducing energy use and boosting the bottom line. Read the Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) new sourcebook, Improving Motor and Drive System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry (PDF 2 MB), to learn how to improve efficiency of electric motors and motor-driven systems in your manufacturing facility.

This sourcebook provides practical guidelines and information to increase awareness of potential performance improvements. Discussions of improvement opportunities emphasize the connection between operating efficiency and system reliability. Guidance to additional information and assistance is also included. The sourcebook is divided into four main sections:

  • Motor and Drive System Basics: Presents an overview of important terms, relationships, and system design considerations.
  • Performance Opportunity Roadmap: Describes key components of motor and drive systems, as well as opportunities for performance improvements in the form of seven specific efficiency opportunities.
  • Motor System Economics: Describes the favorable economics of motor and drive system improvements, and makes recommendations on how to propose efficiency projects to management.
  • Where to Find Help: Provides a directory of motor and drive system organizations, and helpful resources for additional technical information, software tools, videos, and training.

ITP offers additional sourcebooks, technical publications, software tools, and training to help identify key opportunities for reducing costs, saving energy and improving the performance of industrial energy systems. Access the full library of ITP technical resources on the BestPractices Web site.