Facility Energy Decision System (FEDS) Version 6.0 Released

February 5, 2009

Announcing FEDS 6.0 - the latest release of the powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use building energy efficiency analysis software.

FEDS 6.0:

  • Calculates lowest life cycle cost-effective energy systems for all building types
  • Provides a consistent basis for decision-making on retrofit options
  • Reduces time and labor required to collect, analyze, store, and update building data
  • Delivers the information necessary for writing project funding proposals
  • Serves as an integral part of a cost-savings program and puts you well on your way to meeting Executive Order 13423 and EPAct 2005 requirements

FEDS provides a unique set of capabilities found in no other energy-efficiency software including:

  • Life Cycle Cost Optimization – selects the minimum life cycle cost retrofit for a single building or an entire installation considering the interactions not only between energy systems but also between buildings; second and third best retrofits can also be determined.
  • Technology and Fuel Independence – chooses the technology that provides the required service at the minimum life cycle cost; no technology or fuel bias.
  • Peak Tracking – determines the hourly contribution of each technology to the installation's peak demand allowing accurate determination of the value of the energy and demand savings associated with a retrofit.
  • Alternative Financing Analysis – allows a comparison of various financing mechanisms including leases, loans, and energy saving performance contracts (ESPCs).
  • Central Plants and Thermal Loops – optimizes building systems and decentralization options simultaneously for maximum savings.

For more information about FEDS 6.0 and to order your FREE* copy today, visit www.pnl.gov/FEDS. *

FEDS software is provided at no charge for use on federally funded projects and those projects funded and directly performed by a state government agency on a state owned facility.