The GreenGov Challenge — A Bottom-Up Approach to Greening Government

October 19, 2009

By Cammie Croft

To harness the collective wisdom of America's more than 1.8 million Federal and military personnel, the administration is launching the GreenGov Challenge — an online participatory program that challenges Federal and military personnel to take part in implementing the President's Executive Order on Federal Sustainability by submitting their own clean energy ideas and suggestions and voting on others.

In coordination with National Energy Awareness Month, any Federal employee or military member can submit a clean energy idea  from October 19th through October 31st.

At the beginning of November, some of the top ideas will be presented to the Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability — a group comprised of a senior official from each agency who is responsible for delivering each agency's sustainability plan. Though anyone can see the ideas, only Federal and military personnel can participate — so this is their chance to positively impact how their agencies will meet their 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.

If you're a Federal employee or one of our brave men and women in uniform, take a look at Council of Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutely's kick-off video and get started Greening the Government at