Defense Department Publishes Annual Energy Management Report

October 24, 2012

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) recently released its "Annual Energy Management Report" for Fiscal Year 2011. The 441-page document details DOD activities to promote energy security and leverage new energy technologies, focusing on energy at its fixed installations. The Department's annual energy bill is approximately $4 billion, partly because it manages more than 500 installations comprising nearly 2.3 billion square feet of building space in 300,000 buildings throughout the United States and overseas. This annual report discusses a variety of energy issues, including DOD efforts to manage its facility energy program and reduce energy consumption in part by increasing the supply of renewable energy. See the DOD Installations and Environment webpage and the complete reportPDF.

In a new analysis of DOD investments in clean energy innovation, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, a non-partisan research and educational institute, reported that DOD’s investments in clean energy innovation were second only to the Energy Department in 2012. The group's report, Lean, Mean, and Clean II: Assessing DOD Investments in Clean Energy Innovation, released on October 16, finds that DOD has invested $5 billion in clean energy since Fiscal Year 2009. The study also found that DOD now invests nearly twice as much in procuring new clean energy technologies than it does procuring commercial, off-the-shelf technologies. Also, of all the branches of the military, the U.S. Navy invested the most in energy innovation by committing nearly $500 million in FY2012 to next-generation technologies in electricity, transportation, and alternative fuels. See the reportPDF.