Are You an Energy or Environmental Manager Interested in Renewable Energy?

April 1, 2002

FEMP's Renewable Power Purchasing Program would like to assist all interested agency representatives in purchasing renewable energy for their facilities. FEMP is available to assist Federal agencies with renewable power purchases by:

  • Evaluating renewable power purchasing options (whether it is a regulated utility green pricing program, competitive procurement in a State with a competitive electricity market, or green tags/renewable energy credits);
  • Coordinating renewable energy purchases with the utility company (if the utility company already has a regulated utility green pricing program);
  • Coordinating with the utility company to develop a green pricing program (if the utility does not have a green pricing program); and
  • Organizing a competitive electricity or a renewable energy credit procurement—assisting with solicitation development, publicizing the solicitation, organizing bidder's meetings, and evaluating bids.

For more information on the purchase of renewable energy, please contact David McAndrew of FEMP at 202-586-7722 or, Chandra Shah of NREL at 303-384-7557 or, or Bill Golove of LBNL at 510-486-5229 or