FEMP's Energy Awareness Handbook: Your Guide to Outreach Programs

August 1, 2002

Whether you are looking to launch an energy awareness program or reenergize an existing program, FEMP has a new guidebook to assist you in your efforts. Creating an Energy Awareness Program: A Handbook for Federal Energy Managers was developed to help Federal energy managers design and implement programs aimed at increasing energy-efficient behavior of employees at Federal facilities.

You can read from the beginning for a comprehensive approach, or flip to the sections you are interested in for greater detail. With detailed appendices on everything from sponsoring special energy awareness events to developing and conducting surveys on program design, a wealth of information has been assembled for your use. Even if you have an outreach program in place, this guidebook contains valuable ideas and approaches that you may not have tried before.

FEMP's "Creating An Energy Awareness Program" guidebook can be ordered through DOE's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse at 800-363-3732 or online. For more information, please contact Annie Haskins of FEMP at 202-586-4536 or annie.haskins@ee.doe.gov.