FEMP's DER Guide Now Available

August 1, 2002

Determining whether a distributed energy resource project will make sense for your Federal facility is now a little easier with FEMP's practical, step-by-step guide, Using Distributed Energy Resources: A How-To Guide for Federal Facility Managers. (PDF 422 KB; 16 pages) Download Acrobat Reader FEMP's DER guide describes:

  • DER applications, and the potential benefits of using DER in Federal facilities;
  • DER technologies, and how to match them to applications;
  • a step-by-step approach to implementing projects;
  • barriers that may be encountered, and how to overcome them; and
  • resources that can assist you in implementing new DER projects.

Economic and environmental factors make it worthwhile to consider DER. If you are seeking to reduce high energy costs, increase electric power reliability, lower emissions, and/or improve fuel utilization at your facility, DER systems could be the solution you are looking for. FEMP's DER guide outlines seven easy-to-follow steps that will help you to obtain a DER system that's right for your site.

FEMP's Using Distributed Energy Resources guide can also be ordered through DOE's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse at 800-363-3732 or online.

For additional information, please contact Shawn Herrera of FEMP at 202-586-1511 or shawn.herrera@ee.doe.gov.