Plan Now for DER at Federal Facilities Workshops

June 1, 2002

FEMP's DER workshops offer opportunities for Federal facility energy managers interested in applying DER technologies to meet and work with private industry representatives interested in supporting DER projects with financing and/or equipment. Other key actors for DER success including environmental regulators and utilities will also participate. DER technologies include any decentralized energy storage and/or delivery systems located near the point of use, such as gas turbines, fuel cells, reciprocating engines, solar photovoltaic, and combined heat and power (CHP) systems. The workshops focus on providing information, resources, and contacts that will allow participants to identify where DER technologies can be cost-effective in supporting agency missions, and to help initiate sound DER project development.

Who should attend?

Officials from Federal, regional, and State organizations involved in energy management and procurement; private- and public-sector energy and environmental organizations; and regulatory, financing, legal, and energy service organizations involved with DER are encouraged to attend. The workshops will be particularly relevant for any Federal representative who wants to explore their DER opportunities with potential partners and experienced colleagues. The workshops will highlight new FEMP resources to support agencies in assessing DER costs, benefits, and opportunities, such as the screening available for CHP applications.

Workshop topics will include the following:

  • DER technologies and systems,
  • DER and energy security,
  • resources for developing DER projects,
  • financing DER projects,
  • case studies, and
  • getting your DER project started.

Boston Workshop

The Atlanta and Chicago workshops are now over, but you can register for upcoming Distributed Energy Resource (DER) project development workshops. On October 23-25, 2002, FEMP is offering the DER at Federal Facilities Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts, in conjunction with the annual Combined Heat and Power Roadmap Workshop.

Los Angeles Workshop

A DER Western Region workshop is scheduled for spring 2003 in Los Angeles, California. Dates for the workshop are to be announced.

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