Your Alternative Financing Questions Answered

February 1, 2002

After the work begins, if I am not satisfied with contractor performance of quality or timeliness of products or services, can the work be terminated and another ESCO hired to complete the job?

Yes. Standard procedures are in place to notify the contractor of deficiencies and the requirements to correct the problems. If necessary, contractor stop-work orders will be issued by the contracting officer based on a termination for convenience or termination for default. Another competition may be held at the ordering agency's convenience.

Who reviews the work the contractor performs or the products delivered, and how it is accepted?

The ordering agency is responsible for contractor performance reviews and/or product acceptance, including timelines and measurement and verification (M&V) of the performance of the energy conservation measures. FEMP can provide technical assistance in these areas. Descsriptions of M&V methods can be found in the FEMP M&V Guidelines for Federal Energy Management Projects version 2.2. The FEMP M&V Guidelines provide an overview of M&V methods and guidance on how to use the methods for particular types of projects or ECMs found in Federal projects. The M&V Guidelines are available at For more information, please contact Dale Sartor of LBNL at 510-486-5988 or

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