New Technologies Available for Reducing Energy Costs

February 1, 2002

In the November issue of the FEMP Focus, we discussed the role of new technologies in an overall energy management program and the work of the FEMP New Technology Demonstration Program. In this, the second article in a series on the New Technology Demonstration Program, we summarize what the program has to offer energy managers and where to find information on new and emerging energy-saving, water-conserving, solar, and other renewable energy technologies.

To date, FEMP's New Technology Demonstration Program has published more than 45 documents, each covering a different technology. These include ground-source (geothermal) heat pump systems, thermal energy storage systems, combined heat and power (cogeneration) systems, fuel cells, windows, and several renewable energy technologies.

As noted in the first article in this series, the depth of a FEMP-sponsored technology evaluation varies according to the maturity of the technology and the availability of reliable technical information. The New Technology Demonstration Program publishes five primary products: 1) demonstration reports prepared by National Laboratories, 2) Federal Technology Alerts, 3) Technology Installation Reviews, 4) Technology Focuses, and 5) technology guideline reports.

A metered demonstration by the New Technology Demonstration Program is used when little is known about technology performance under various operating conditions. The results are based on field research overseen by one of the National Laboratories supporting FEMP. Demonstration reports are published as formal DOE National Laboratory reports and available through DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information by calling 865-576-1188 or at and the National Technical Information Service at 703-605-6585 or at

For other technologies, where performance is better understood but the technologies have not penetrated the Federal sector, the program has another publication series, including the Federal Technology Alert, the Technology Installation Review, and the Technology Focus, all of which are available through the FEMP web site at

Federal Technology Alerts, the program's signature series, provide evaluative information on new and emerging technologies based on the cumulative results of public- and private-sector experience with a specific technology. These reports typically include a description of the technology, including where to apply the technology and what to avoid. They also include estimates for Federal-sector savings potential; a description of the technology's performance, applications, and field experience; a detailed case study; a list of known U.S. manufacturers; contact information; and worksheets to help assess the life-cycle cost-effectiveness of the technology.

Technology Installation Reviews are more concise but less technical publications. They include a description of the technology and a case study. The case study may include the results from another demonstration program or pilot project and is designed to provide a summary of what others have learned from their activities.

Technology Focuses provide brief information on a technology that may be of interest to the Federal facility or energy manager. They also identify where to find additional information on the technology.

The New Technology Demonstration Program has also released other publications from time to time. Recently, the program released the Low-Energy Building Design Guidelines (DOE/EE-0249). Because this publication covers multiple technologies, as well as strategies, which are used holistically to achieve a highly-efficient building design, a guideline-style publication was used. Other publications of this type are being considered by the New Technology Demonstration Program.

More than 35 additional technologies are currently being investigated by four DOE National Laboratories including microturbines, building control systems, water conservation, and new lighting technologies. For information on a specific technology, see the new Technology Index at The Index includes links to each publication available through the FEMP web site. For larger demonstration reports, which are not available through the web site, a summary is provided along with instructions on how to order the full demonstration report. You may also sign up to be on the program's direct mailing list through the web site. Once on the mailing list, you will receive new program publications as they become available. The program releases between four and eight new publications each year.

Technologies are constantly being improved and new technologies are always being developed. Is there a new or emerging energy efficiency technology that you need to know more about? The FEMP New Technology Demonstration Program would like to hear from you. If you are a member of a Federal energy management team and you would like the New Technology Demonstration Program to consider evaluating a specific technology, please visit the program's web site at and complete the technology submittal form. This will put your request on the program's monitor list.

For more information, please contact Steven Parker of PNNL at, or Ted Collins of FEMP at