FEMP Seeks Public Input on Low Standby Power Plan

February 1, 2002

On October 24, 2001, FEMP conducted a public meeting in Arlington, Virginia, to gather comments from the public and Federal agencies on its proposed approach to implement Executive Order 13221, "Energy-Efficient Standby Power Devices." Issued by President Bush on July 2001, the Order calls on Federal agencies to purchase products that use standby power of 1 watt or less where possible.

At the meeting, FEMP sought input from interested parties and stakeholders on how to:

  • minimize the economic and reporting burden on manufacturers and vendors,

  • maximize business opportunities for selling efficient products to Federal and other buyers,

  • identify efficient products for Federal buyers, and

  • improve implementation of the Executive Order.

The public meeting included discussion on the categories of products included in the proposed plan (e.g., computer and office equipment, communication devices, video, audio, among others), procedures for testing and certifying standby power levels, the creation of a public-domain database on such products based on voluntary industry testing and data submissions by Federal suppliers and manufacturers, and procedures for periodic updates of the database and product categories. In the afternoon, the meeting was open for comments from the public, including Federal agencies. The relation of this new effort to other FEMP activities in support of energy-efficient Federal purchasing and to the ENERGY STAR™ labeling program was also examined.

Based on input received, FEMP developed a preliminary list of products that use minimal standby power. The standby power database is now available at www.eere.energy.gov/femp/resources/standby_power.html. The Web site includes information on public/industry involvement, interagency coordination, technical issues, a product list, and outreach materials. Manufacturers are encouraged to submit additional data on the standby power levels of their products. The database will be updated continually.

Please send your questions or comments regarding Executive Order 13221 and standby power devices to Alison Thomas of FEMP at 202-586-2099 or alison.thomas@ee.doe.gov.