Renewable Energy Awards to Organizations

December 1, 2002

U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca
Department of the Army
Fort Huachuca, Arizona

During FY 2001, the United States Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca achieved a 270 percent increase in the use of renewable energy from FY 2000. Fort Huachuca also reduced water consumption by 8.2 percent (50 million gallons). Fort Huachuca achieved these successes through the positive efforts of all organizations and a concerted effort to implement cost-effective energy conservation, water conservation, and renewable energy projects. More than $44,000 and 4 billion Btu were saved during FY 2001. The most innovative aspect of this project was the use of an energy savings performance contract to install renewable energy technologies. Project work included replacing an inverter on a grid-tied photovoltaic system and installing new mirrors and controls on a prototype solar thermal electric generator. Other projects included installing high efficiency lighting in 33 buildings, daylighting in 22 buildings, two Solarwalls, and replacing the HVAC system and controls. Fort Huachuca continued water conservation projects by installing 1.5 gallon-per-minute showerheads and 130 horizontal axis washing machines. Fort Huachuca's Water Wise and Energy Smart Program provided water and energy conservation education and outreach services to the U.S. Army and civilian employees and their families.

Green Power Switch®
Tennessee Valley Authority
Nashville, Tennessee

Green Power Switch® is a renewable energy initiative that offers consumers in the Tennessee Valley a choice in the type of power they buy. The Tennessee Valley Authority and local public power companies, working in cooperation with the environmental community, developed Green Power Switch® as a way to bring green power-electricity generated by cleaner, renewable resources-to Valley consumers. Green power is sold to residential consumers in 150-kilowatt-hour blocks (about 12 percent of a typical household's monthly energy use). Each block adds $4 to the customer's monthly power bills. Green Power Switch® is also being marketed to commercial and industrial consumers, who can buy blocks based on the amount of energy they use. Currently there are more than 5,000 residential customers signed up for almost 9,000 blocks of green power per month, and 226 business and commercial customers signed up for more than 6,000 blocks per month. Sources of green power include energy from a wind-powered turbine, solar generation, and a landfill methane gas site. Although no source of energy is impact-free, an investment of an additional $8 per month on a homeowner's power bill buys enough green power to equal the environmental benefits of planting an acre of trees in the Tennessee Valley.