Are You Using the GSA Energy Services Schedule?

November 11, 2003

If not, maybe you should be! This valuable resource provides federal energy managers contract support for energy audits, program support, and purchase of electricity and natural gas. The General Services Administration (GSA) Energy Services Schedule also helps managers comply with energy reporting requirements and goals through a variety of contracts. By using contractors on this schedule, you can save money and time.

The process is very simple. A contracting officer sends a request for a quote—which includes your performance-based statement of work—to three or more schedule contractors. You may tell your contracting officer which contractors on the schedule you prefer. After quotes are received, you simply evaluate your responses for best value, and send a task order to your selection.

Contractors on this schedule are knowledgeable and experienced in energy management processes and have demonstrated they are capable of providing expert assistance to agencies striving to meet their energy efficiency goals. Advantages of using this and other federal Supply Schedules include:

  • Easy access to commercially-available services,

  • Multiple awards for varying requirements,

  • Open market requirements are not needed,

  • Prices have been determined to be fair and reasonable, and

  • In most cases, the government purchase card can be used when placing orders.

The Energy Services Schedule was designed specifically to meet the goals of Executive Order 13123, and includes the following program areas:

  • Energy Management Program Support,

  • Energy Audit Services,

  • Managing the Procurement and Use of Natural Gas,

  • Managing the Procurement and Use of Electricity,

  • Managing the Procurement and Use of Energy from Renewable Sources, and,

  • Introduction of New Services

For complete information on the GSA Energy Services Schedule, visit the GSA Web site at, and click on "Buying through GSA." The Energy Services Schedule is under "Environmental Products and Services." The Schedule contains a summary of services, information on finding available contractors, procedures for ordering services priced at hourly rates, and sample forms.