New FAR Requirement to Buy Low Standby Power Devices

November 11, 2003

A new provision in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) as of July 24, 2003, sets forth requirements for federal agencies to buy energy-efficient standby power devices in accordance with Executive Order 13221.

That Order, signed by President Bush in July 2001, directs agencies to " ... purchase products that use no more than one watt in their standby power consuming mode" whenever this is life cycle cost-effective and practical. If products with one watt standby are not available, agencies are to seek products with other low power use in standby mode. This is in addition to the existing FAR requirements to buy ENERGY STAR® products; the ENERGY STAR® label covers most product categories with standby power use.

To implement the Executive Order, FEMP has worked closely with the General Services Administration, Defense Logistics Agency, and other agencies as well as industry representatives. FEMP-recommended levels for low-power standby are shown on the FEMP procurement web site ( gov/femp/procurement/). A list of products that meet the FEMP low-standby criteria is at The new FAR requirements were published in the federal Register on July 24, 2003 (pp. 43857-9, FAR Case 2001-28, Item II - see

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