Take the First Step with SAVEnergy

November 11, 2003

As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. FEMP's SAVEnergy Program can make the first step in identifying cost-effective energy and water efficiency projects easier for federal energy managers. Since 1999, a blanket purchase agreement has been in place with nine small business firms to assist federal agencies in identifying projects for implementation and meeting the requirement to audit 10 percent of their facilities annually.

When the current agreement expires next spring, energy managers will still be able to count on SAVEnergy as one resource to address their audit needs. FEMP is working to make the process of acquiring audits even simpler. While FEMP will continue to provide funding for the audit (cost-sharing is always welcome!), energy managers will be able to select an audit firm directly from the FGeneral Services Administration's (GSA's) Energy Management Services Schedule. FEMP's SAVEnergy Team will assist in arranging a comprehensive energy and water survey, and even identify advanced technologies for consideration.

In the meantime, we encourage federal energy managers to keep the requests coming. Please submit your requests early and continue working toward your energy and water efficiency goals.

If you are interested in getting your agency involved in this energy- and cost-saving program, see the SAVEnergy Program's web site at www.eere.energy.gov/femp/techassist/savenergyprog.html or please contact Will Prue, FEMP, at (202) 586-4537 or Karen Thomas, NREL FEMP, at (202) 646-5223. SAVEnergy request forms, which include DOE Regional Office program contacts, can be obtained at www.eere.energy.gov/femp/techassist/audit.html.