FEMP Seeks Partners for an Energy and Sustainability Charrette

April 30, 2003

In the early 1990s, FEMP assisted with the "Greening of the White House" charrette and has conducted similar workshops for 13 other prominent sites including the Pentagon and Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks. Sustainability planning exercises or environmental design charrettes result in near-term, mid-term, and long-term recommended actions that move a Federal site toward meeting the goals of Executive Order 13123, including those relating to sustainable building design (section 403 (d)).

Charrettes focus attention on the narrow windows of opportunity, when decisions affecting the use of resources are made, with an emphasis on actions that can be taken immediately. Charrettes bring together decision-makers from the facility and agency, regional stakeholders, utility and industry partners, and technology experts to form a multidisciplinary team. By joining solutions to problems and resources to needs, this combination of perspectives resolves obstacles and finds common ground upon which to build a sound initiative. The goal of the charrette is to:

  • examine the conditions and requirements of a ecific facility;

  • brainstorm innovative, yet practical, solutions; and

  • plan a course toward continuous improvement in:

    • resource efficiency,
    • energy efficiency,
    • renewable energy,
    • water and wastewater minimization,
    • solid waste management and recycling, and
    • transportation issues.

The charrette also trains, inspires, and motivates participants to propose sustainability targets and then take action to attain them during a multi-year process for a specific site. The resulting sustainability plan is then used as a foundation for action.

Topics to be included in the agenda will cover a full range of disciplines and sustainability activities. FEMP invites Federal agencies interested in co-sponsoring a charrette to reply by e-mail with the following information:

  • Contact name,
  • Address and phone number,
  • Facility name,
  • Facility location,
  • Facility mission,
  • Land area,
  • Number of buildings and total square feet,
  • Departments that would be involved in conducting a charrette,
  • A brief description of any plans for major construction or rehabilitation, and
  • Expectations from a charrette.

FEMP will select at least one site to partner with for a charrette in 2003. Please respond by e-mail to Andy Walker at DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory at andy_walker@ nrel.gov by June 9, 2003.

For more information, please contact Andy Walker of NREL at 303-384-7531 or andy_walker@nrel.gov, or Anne Crawley of FEMP at anne.crawley@ee.doe.gov or 202-586-1505.