U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon Renovation Office—"Outreach"

December 1, 2002

No program does more than the Pentagon Renovation (PenRen) Integrated Sustainable Design and Constructability (ISDC) Team for public outreach and communication on energy management. This team shoulders responsibility for integrating and balancing sustainable design and energy efficiency with force protection measures necessary to protect the Pentagon. The capabilities of the Pentagon's new energy management control system and energy efficient windows proved invaluable for containing the effects of the September 11th attack on the Pentagon. In 2001, PenRen dramatically improved sustainable construction policies and procedures and became an Energy Star® partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The complex nature of projects implemented by PenRen require the ISDC team to incorporate sustainable design into the overall acquisition and management strategy of the program. The acquisition strategy includes innovative concepts—"performance-based" contracting and "design-build"—which are not business as usual for the government.

In addition, PenRen's management implementation strategy involves Integrated Product Teams composed of government and contractor personnel with various duties and responsibilities from many different organizations. PenRen's projects are Federal showcases for sustainable design, environmental protection, energy conservation, and transportation alternatives. The PenRen program hosts facility tours for Federal agencies, sponsors and participates in U.S. Green Buildings Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (USGBC LEED™) training workshops, and is currently assisting USGBC in refining the LEED™ rating system. PenRen actively promotes Federal energy conservation and sustainable design policies at numerous Federal and private sector workshops and conferences, in meetings with local governments, and in communications with industry and national organizations.

Members of the U.S. Department of Commerce team
Team Members:
Lidia Berger
Bob Cox
Susan Donkers
Joe Eichenlaub
Marc R. Gravallese
Eben Hamilton
Tia Heneghan
Susan Kasun
Daniel A. Lavanga
Florence J. Meyers
John Olejniczak

Mark F. Piedmonte
Teresa R. Pohlman
Michael Pulaski
Jonathon G. Reid
Michael L. Ryon
Alan Smith
Wayne Snesrud
Gregory R. Stortstrom
Gail D. Vittori
Terry G. Watson
Michaella Wright