DOE Marks 23 Years of Energy Management Success

December 1, 2002

DOE celebrated 23 years of energy efficiency recognition through its annual Departmental Energy Management Awards ceremony on October 22, 2002 in the DOE Headquarters Forrestal Auditorium. The awards were established in 1979 by the In-House Energy Management Program of the Department, which is part of FEMP under the Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Each year, these awards are presented to DOE personnel in recognition of their outstanding contributions toward energy and dollar savings at DOE facilities and field organizations. The 23rd Annual Departmental Energy Management Awards honor individuals and small groups. The efforts of the Departmental Energy Management Award winners in implementing cost-effective operational improvements and energy-efficient retrofit projects for DOE buildings and facilities have contributed significantly to the success in meeting Federal energy reduction mandates. The 2002 Departmental Energy Management Awardees are as follows:


Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
Kathie Nell

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
Wayne Shigley


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Pumping Retrofit
Maurice Ball
Steve Barstatis
Steve Dixon
Gregory Gilbert
Duane Plant

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
Energy Research Office Building Energy Star® Label for Buildings
Ernest L. Fossum
Richard J. Horsley
Marshall G. Knight
Mike Nitzel

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Drain-Down Recovery of Heating and Cooling Circulation
Katharine Gabor
Blair Horst
Dick Quigley
John Sarginson

National Energy Technology Laboratory
The Search for "Greener Pastures" Through Increased Energy Efficiency
Bernard M. Avon
Joseph P. Kanosky

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Waste Not, Water Not—A Campaign to Conserve Water
Jeffrey A. Lettau
Mike J. Moran, Jr.
Jim Roberts
Keith Shields

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Electricity Reduction Contest
Marc Berman
Lori Freeland
Jeff McCullough
Mike J. Moran, Jr.
Curt Nichols

Click on the link for the full description of DOE's Departmental Energy Management Awardees. For additional information, please contact Danette Delmastro of FEMP at 202-586-7632.