Water Conservation Award to an Individual

December 1, 2002

Donald Lee J. Laurent
Department of the Army
Fort Polk, Louisiana

Using standard "off-the-shelf" technologies and alternative financing, Donald Laurent has made great strides in saving energy and water at Fort Polk Army Base. Mr. Laurent accomplished three energy-saving measures through an established energy savings performance contract. The first ESM involved the replacement of existing toilets, flush valves, showerheads, and faucet and sink aerators in 31 permanent barracks buildings. For the second ESM, Mr. Laurent took over the Base clothes washer and dryer contract which allowed him to replace existing vertical axis washers with high-performance horizontal axis washers. The third ESM involved the installation of hot water loop controls, which control temperatures by recognizing low demand and anticipating high demand. Mr. Laurent's efforts have saved the Base almost $293,000 in energy and water costs and reduced the amount of associated wastewater that must be treated. By implementing Mr. Laurent's energy conservation measures at no up-front cost to the Federal Government, Fort Polk saved 134,575 kilowatt-hours of electricity, 55 million gallons of water, and avoided treatment of 53 million gallons of wastewater.