Mobility Energy Efficiency Awards to Organizations

December 1, 2002

Department of Navy

By implementing outstanding engineering and conservation practices, such as reducing the use of high-energy-use equipment, and modifying schedules to process waste more productively, USS KEARSARGE reduced hourly fuel consumption during FY 2001 by more than 20 percent, saving 1.7 million gallons of fuel and almost $1.8 million. The reduction in fuel demand was achieved while increasing steaming time by 468 percent in an increased threat condition posture. USS KEARSARGE used 2,368 gallons of fuel per hour underway at 15 knots and 564 gallons per hour in auxiliary steaming mode, reduced from FY 2000 when it consumed 3,773 gallons per hour underway and 821 gallons per hour in auxiliary steaming mode. USS KEARSARGE's all-hands approach to energy conservation helped to reduce non-productive steaming hours by 220 hours, saving 220,000 gallons of fuel and $145,000. Without compromising its responsiveness, the ship's energy team developed seamless and extensive conservation management projects that have brought substantial benefits to the USS KEARSAGE, its personnel, and the Fleet.

Department of the Navy
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In spite of increased threat conditions, the USS BLUE RIDGE's energy team delivered dramatic energy and budget savings during FY 2001. The USS BLUE RIDGE saved $2.3 million and 1.5 million gallons of fuel, an impressive 50 percent improvement over the previous year's fuel use levels. Through the application of diligent conservation engineering, the use of electronic controls, improved boiler and main engine operation, and with the help of a command-to-enlisted commitment to Fleet leadership in energy conservation, the USS BLUE RIDGE energy team dramatically reduced emissions, fuel use, and water pollution. Additionally, the USS BLUE RIDGE's 24-hour engineering trouble call log has significantly reduced turn-around time on fixing leaks and mitigating other energy conservation deficiencies.