Mobility Energy Efficiency Award to an Individual

December 1, 2002

Photo of Hugh Jones

Hugh Jones

Hugh Jones
Department of the Army
Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Hugh Jones spearheaded the development of several photovoltaic (PV) mobile power systems for the Department of the Army. These lightweight, thin-film PV modules are designed to provide flexible, rapidly-deployable mobile power systems for the Army's tactical operations in training areas or on the battlefield. Mr. Jones has championed PV and other renewable technologies, and developed a successful joint venture with a private industry partner. His initiative and technical analysis of PV systems advanced the project quickly through the feasibility and analysis phases of production. During FY 2001, the Army developed and field-tested a second-generation PV-powered mobile system, which provided 100 percent of the power required for the Army's tactical operations. These systems have provided numerous benefits to the Army such as reduced fuel consumption and costs, decreased maintenance on generators, and enhanced operational readiness.