Renewable Energy Award to an Individual

December 1, 2002

Wayne Shigley
Department of Energy
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Photo of Wayne Shigley

Wayne Shigley

In the late 1990s, the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) began plans to replace an aging warehouse on the INEEL site with a new, modern facility in Idaho Falls. Wayne Shigley, Infrastructure Program Manager for the Department of Energy Idaho Operations Office, saw an opportunity to install a transpired solar collector in support of the Million Solar Roofs Initiative. Mr. Shigley worked tirelessly to secure funding for the initial cost, based on the potential for life cycle cost savings and demonstration value. He successfully convinced the project team, who were new to the technology, to design a transpired solar collector to passively pre-heat the fresh air supply. In addition, Mr. Shigley worked with the INEEL energy management office to add an instrumentation package to track the performance of the system over time. The building was completed in May 2001, and the instrumentation package was installed in August 2001. The total energy cost savings is $12,500 and 945 million Btu per year.