Innovative/New Technology Awards to Individuals

December 1, 2002

William B. Turner
United States Air Force
Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington

Photo of William Turner

William Turner

As energy manager at Fairchild Air Force Base, working on a team with Fairchild Civil Engineering, Bonneville Power, and building facility managers, William Turner oversaw design and construction of a $2.1 million demand side management energy savings project, and initiated a $15.2 million energy savings performance contract project. The DSM project involved installing light pipe technology and infrared radiant heating in an 11-acre building, which will save almost 2.5 gigawatt hours of electricity and more than 26 billion Btu of natural gas annually. In addition, Mr. Turner's efforts dramatically improved lighting levels. The ESPC project will replace the central steam plant with distributed heating systems for 79 buildings, saving 236 billion Btu of natural gas annually.