Effective Program Implementation and Management Awards to Organizations

December 1, 2002

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay
Department of the Navy
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay maintains self-sufficient water and energy operations, producing 1 million gallons of water and more than 250 megawatt hours of electricity daily. During FY 2001 the Station began to realize enormous energy savings. Through more than $12 million in conservation investments that were largely focused on the repair and renovation of the Base's power and water production plants, the Station saved more than 300 billion Btu, reducing its energy demand from FY 2000 levels by 22 percent. These accomplishments resulted in energy budget savings of more than $1.8 million. The Station also agreed to move ahead with a $9.6 million wind turbine project that will save an additional $1.26 million per year. Guantanamo Bay's conservation programs result from comprehensive planning and are built on a foundation of mission awareness, vision, and training.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Department of the Navy
Portsmouth, Virginia

During FY 2001, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard made great strides in improving energy efficiency, employing energy saving technologies and best practices, raising energy awareness, and providing exemplary energy and water conservation leadership. The Shipyard upgraded equipment based on the energy manager's standard operating practice of reviewing designs and purchasing recommendations to put energy efficiency at the forefront of decision-making. Through the implementation of more than $2.8 million in upgrades to office and industrial HVAC, lighting, steam infrastructure, and other industrial energy uses, the Shipyard energy managers saved more than $850,000 and 61 billion Btu in annual energy use.

The Partnership for Energy Performance at Fort Detrick
The National Cancer Institute
Department of the Army
Frederick, Maryland

Photo of the Partnership for Energy Performance Team at Fort Detrick

(l to r): Lt. Col. Donald F. Archibald, Dennis J. Doughtery, Gary Happel, Darcy L. Immerman.

The Partnership for Energy Performance, a unique performance contracting initiative at Fort Detrick, includes a dedicated group of employees from Allegheny Power, the National Cancer Institute, the U.S. Army Garrison, and SAIC Frederick. This team has successfully managed $25 million in facility improvements for energy reduction, with guaranteed energy savings during the contract term exceeding $60 million. Some of the project's completed facility improvements include boiler replacement, insulation, lighting retrofits, and water conservation measures. Through this project, the PEP team has demonstrated that diverse groups that share a Federal facility can work together towards a common goal. This project is also unique because the stakeholders in the project created a mission statement and community outreach program before a single energy audit was completed.