Exceptional Service Awards to Individuals

December 1, 2002

John B. Nerger
Department of the Army
Washington, DC

Photo of John Nerger

John Nerger

John Nerger's leadership and visionary thinking has contributed to the Army's secure energy future by encouraging the use of clean, renewable technologies, increasing energy efficiency in facilities, and promoting energy awareness at Army facilities and housing worldwide. Under Mr. Nerger's leadership at the Army Facilities and Housing Directorate, the Army developed a strategic energy conservation plan that achieved more than $17 million in energy savings and reduced almost 2 trillion Btu of energy during FY 2001. The plan has a multi-faceted approach made up of several interrelated initiatives, which include awareness, energy management, training, energy engineering and project development efforts, project implementation, new contracting standards, and demonstrations of innovative technologies. Mr. Nerger's support and commitment to the Army Facilities Energy Program has been crucial in ensuring efficient energy management throughout the Army. The structure he has chosen for the execution of the energy plan allows commanders the flexibility to create their own unique energy programs, which fosters cooperation from most Army units and results in greater overall energy and cost savings throughout the agency.

Lieutenant Commander Wade B. Wilhelm, CEC
United States Navy
San Diego, California

Lieutenant Commander Wade Wilhelm is recognize for his strong leadership and outstanding achievements in directing the energy and utilities management programs for the Navy Region Southwest and the Navy Public Works Center, San Diego. Commander Wilhelm carried out several energy programs, projects, and other initiatives which helped alleviate the cost and operational impacts of uncontrolled electricity prices and rolling blackouts that characterized the California energy crisis. Through innovative energy management techniques, an aggressive energy awareness and training campaign, and a series of new energy policies, Commander Wilhelm's efforts have cut Navy shore facilities' electrical demand by up to 30 percent. Commander Wilhelm also led one of the largest and most aggressively financed energy programs in the Federal Government. He helped develop and award more than $48 million in energy project investment during FY 2001. The program consists of almost $26 million in utility energy service contracts, and more than $22 million in energy savings performance contracts.