Louis R. Harris, Jr. Award

December 1, 2002

Dave Guebert, PE, CEM
San Diego Gas & Electric
San Diego, California

Photo of Dave Guebert

Dave Guebert

Dave Guebert's dedication and leadership have reinforced and strengthened partnerships between the U.S. Navy and its utilities. A collaborative Federal partnership with San Diego Gas and Electric established a broad-based alliance to address not only the mutually beneficial opportunities of utility energy service contracting, but also many other critical energy issues currently important in Southern California. Thanks to Mr. Guebert's leadership and team-building skills, NRSW and Sempra Energy Utility Companies are continuing to meet the energy needs of the Federal Government. Additionally, Mr. Guebert has played a key role in the privatization of more than 30 installations and Public Private Venture initiatives for more than 30,000 military families in government housing. Mr. Guebert has also promoted the use of new energy-efficient technologies such as fuel cells and micro-turbines, and renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and wind. His support for the use of alternate fuel vehicles has been absolutely crucial in Southern California military organizations' ability to maintain their outstanding readiness level and ability to deploy on short notice.

Edward D. Thibodo
Department of the Navy
San Diego, California

Photo of Edward Thibodo

Edward Thibodo

As the lead contracting specialist for the entire Southwest Division, Mr. Thibodo has negotiated and implemented more than $116 million in utility energy service contracts for the Navy, with more than $18 million in savings in the last two-and-a-half years. These savings are in the form of energy, water, and maintenance costs. Mr. Thibodo has been directly responsible for various energy projects including: interior and exterior lighting upgrades; thermal energy storage; steam and condensate system upgrades; refrigerant system upgrades; elimination of ozone depleting refrigerants; ultra low flow plumbing fixture installations; compressed air system upgrades; leak repairs on the base-wide system; high efficiency compressor installation; boiler plant modifications; and weatherization of walls and ceilings. Mr. Thibodo consistently demonstrates superior leadership, technical skill and innovative management. His team building efforts have been a model and inspiration to the Southwest Division community as well as the numerous contractors and utilities with whom he is involved.