Pursuing Federal Energy Efficiency

December 1, 2002

Photo of Beth Shearer, Executive Director of FEMP

FEMP Director Beth Shearer addresses the audience at the 2002 Federal Energy and Water Managment Awards ceremony.

The recent September 11th anniversary was a painful reminder that America can no longer rely on foreign sources of oil to fuel our country's growing energy needs. Thoughtful use of energy resources is vital to our future for many reasons. Energy efficiency helps improve air quality. Sound facility management offers huge savings that affect the agency's bottom line, the environment, and the workplace.

The Federal government must lead the way in reducing its energy consumption and related environmental impacts, so that the rest of the country may follow suite. For this reason, we look to energy champions who, whether as individuals or as teams, have led their agencies into a better energy future.

The leadership provided by the energy champions often entails overcoming one challenge after another as they pioneer a path that requires complex solutions, new and highly integrated processes, and exceptional team work across organizations. Hard work, innovation, persistence, and vision are characteristic of those who pursue energy efficiency. That is why DOE's Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is proud to salute the winners of the 2002 Federal Energy and Water Management Awards.

The 2002 award winners represent the kind of 21st Century thinking that will help achieve widespread Federal energy efficiency. In 1 year, the winners, through a combination of public and private partnerships, saved more than $63.9 million and 4.8 trillion Btu by actively identifying and implementing energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy projects. Through their dedication and hard work, ingenuity, and success, the award winners have also inspired others to increase their own efforts to save energy and water and to more aggressively pursue the use of renewable energy sources. The Federal Energy and Water Management Awards recognize the winners' contributions and ability to inspire others to take action. Please read about these individuals, small groups, and organizations in the following pages. The award winners are the government's energy champions and FEMP is grateful for their pursuit of excellence in facility management. Congratulations to each winner and thanks to each private sector partner.

For more information on the Federal Energy and Water Management Awards, please contact Nellie Tibbs-Greer of FEMP at 202-586-7875.