Improvements to FEMP's New Technology Demonstration Program Web Site

April 1, 2002

The FEMP New Technology Demonstration Program Web site at, located under "Products, Technologies, and Success Stories" on the main FEMP Web page, was updated recently with the following improvements:

  • Creation of a Technology Index Table—This table includes links to each New Technology Demonstration Program publication available through the FEMP Web site (in HTML and PDF). It provides a convenient way to view and download over 45 publications that have been created to date by the program at

  • FTA Section "Streamlined"—The Federal Technology Alert (FTA) section was shortened to provide a brief descriptive paragraph for each FTA. Each paragraph contains links to the appropriate FTA at (in HTML and PDF). As of March 2002, there were 19 FTAs available to view and/or download.

  • Latest Demonstration Reports Posted—Two new reports have been added based on technology demonstrations of multi-layer light polarizing panels and full-spectrum polarizing lighting at (in PDF).

  • Technology Installation Reviews and Technology Focus Sections Updated—These two sections of the New Technology Demonstration Program Web site were updated to reflect the latest published Technology Installation Reviews available at and the latest published Technology Focuses available at (in HTML and PDF).

  • Direct Mailing List—This section allows you to sign up at to receive copies of new program publications when they become available.

  • Technology Submittal Form—This convenient electronic form, available at, allows Federal agency staff to submit ideas on new and emerging technologies to the program, and gives you the opportunity to tell the program what new technologies you want to know more about.

    For more information on the New Technology Demonstration Program Web site, please contact Steven Parker of PNNL at, David Payson of PNNL at, or Ted Collins of FEMP at