Get Recognized! Designate Your Facility a Federal Energy Saver Showcase

February 1, 2002

FEMP urges agencies to identify and designate their very best projects, or potential projects, so that others may benefit by example. To promote wise energy and water use throughout the Federal Government, agencies are showcasing cost-effective energy efficiency, water-conserving, and renewable energy technologies in their facilities. Since 1995, FEMP has recognized more than 90 facilities across the country as Federal Energy Saver Showcases. Each showcase site prominently displays a plaque notifying visitors that the Government building they are entering uses energy, water, and taxpayer dollars, wisely.

Showcasing facilities has many benefits, including increasing awareness of energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies applicable to a variety of Federal facilities, and recognizing agencies for their efforts. In addition, agencies can improve the quality of projects because showcase facilities may be eligible for selected design assistance from FEMP.

FEMP's showcase program functions as an energy management strategy by assisting agencies to prioritize projects at their facilities and facilitate technology transfer through partnerships between agencies, utilities, manufacturers, and others.

When selecting top projects, please consider the following criteria:

  • the amount of energy and water saved, use of renewable energy, and life-cycle cost effectiveness,

  • buildings receive a high level of non-Federal visitors,

  • features of a project are replicable, and

  • visitors can learn from site displays and implement similar projects.

In addition, outstanding projects will likely feature the following:

  • creative financing methods or leveraging of funds,

  • use of a variety of energy-saving and innovative technologies,

  • designation as an Energy Star® Building, and/or a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

So identify and designate your very best completed or potential projects for the 2002 Federal Energy Saver Showcases. The showcase designation form must be completed and returned to Trina Brown, FEMP Showcase Coordinator, at the fax number or mailing address included at the end of the form. All designation forms must be received by March 20, 2002.

For additional information, please contact Trina Brown of NREL-FEMP at 303-384-7518 or