FEMP Awards FY 2002 Technical Assistance Projects

February 1, 2002

Recently, 44 Federal facility projects were selected to receive FY 2002 FEMP technical assistance. A total of 121 applications were submitted over the summer in response to FEMP's call for projects. A team of experts from FEMP Headquarters, the DOE Regional Offices, and the National Laboratories reviewed the requests.

The types of technical assistance offered by FEMP include screening for project opportunities, feasibility studies, procurement specification, design review, and performance measurement. Project assistance was awarded to the following organizations:

  • Department of Defense,
  • Department of the Interior,
  • Department of Transportation,
  • General Services Administration,
  • National Institutes of Health,
  • Presidio Trust, and
  • Department of Agriculture.

FEMP supports agency projects in need of technical assistance in the following areas:

  • energy-efficient new construction,
  • energy and water efficiency retrofits,
  • distributed energy resources (DER) including new construction or retrofits of existing facilities,
  • renewable energy applications, and
  • Assessments of Load and Energy Reduction Techniques (ALERT).

FEMP tasks DOE National Laboratories to provide technical assistance that agencies request for specific projects. The total value for FY�2002 technical assistance projects is approximately $800,000. FEMP used the following criteria to select projects for FY�2002:

  • agency management support for the project,
  • cost effectiveness and value,
  • cost sharing commitments,
  • project implementation schedule,
  • strategic value,
  • replication/showcase potential, and
  • technical merit.

Examples of selected projects include:

Fuel Cell Feasibility Study

Naval Base Point Loma located in San Diego, California, requested technical assistance for a study to determine the technical and economic feasibility of deploying natural gas-fired fuel cell systems with thermal energy recovery. Naval Base Point Loma is a Naval installation comprised of numerous Naval commands occupying three large sites in the Point Loma area. The study will determine the optimum size of the fuel cell plant, the most advantageous location for the plant, and the best use of the thermal energy produced by the plant. The study will also include a life-cycle-cost analysis.

Water Source Heat Pump with Natural Gas, Cooling/Heating

The Department of Defense, Army National Guard sought technical assistance to determine available options for a natural gas heat pump, an inverter-driven, multi-indoor-unit heat pump, a water source heat pump, and a designed hybrid system. The National Guard has also been awarded a DOE/DER design assistance/specifications and life-cycle cost analysis to determine the optimal air conditioning system for this site.

U.S. Forest Service/Yavapai-Apache Nation Wood Chip Biomass Renewable Energy Project

U.S. Department of Agriculture requested technical assistance with the preparation of a feasibility study that includes assessments of need, natural and human resources, environmental and safety considerations, preliminary system design, and an evaluation of financial and cost issues. With dual mandates of the U.S. Forest Service for hazardous fuel reduction and the promotion of small diameter timber market expansion, and coupled with the Yavapai-Apache Nation's aggressive stance on energy management, this project has a high probability of success. This project can be replicated and has available a high level of sustainable biomass resources, as well as financial and human resources to implement the project if proven viable by the feasibility study.

Agencies that were not selected to receive assistance are encouraged to reapply next year or contact FEMP for help to complete your project with SAVEnergy Audits and alternative financing strategies such as energy savings performance contracts, utility energy savings contracts, and other partnerships. The next FEMP call for projects will be for DER projects in March 2002 and the FY�2003 technical assistance call for projects will be issued in summer 2002.

For more information, please contact Shawn Herrera of FEMP at 202-586-1511 or shawn.herrera@ee.doe.gov.

FEMP thanks you for participating in the FY 2002 technical assistance call for projects. Many excellent projects were submitted. Unfortunately, sufficient funds were not available to support all projects. A spreadsheet detailing both selected and non-selected projects is available on the FEMP web site at www.eere.energy.gov/femp/techassist/designassist.html.

Technical assistance projects selected will receive assistance from DOE National Laboratories and contractors. If your project was not selected under this call, we will try to provide the assistance you need through one of FEMP's many other programs. Please contact the FEMP office located in your region for further assistance. FEMP also offers technical assistance if Federal agencies are willing to cost-share.

Again, I thank you for your participation and I hope you will participate again next year.

Beth Shearer
Director, Federal Energy Management Program