The Director's Column

November 1, 2002

Photo of Beth Shearer, Executive Director of FEMP

Beth Shearer, FEMP Director

In this issue, we examine alternative financing arrangements and services. FEMP is helping Federal agencies partner with the private sector to implement facility and energy improvements, streamline contracts, and maximize purchasing power. Energy savings performance contracts and utility energy service contracts are practical and flexible tools for accomplishing Federal water and energy efficiency improvements. These contracts, authorized by Congress, are designed to access private sector financing to pay for energy-efficiency improvements that save energy and money.

As you read this issue, please know that FEMP is ready to assist you with a wide variety of alternative financing services to help you implement your projects including:

  • help to determine which contracting mechanism best fits your needs;
  • training for agency acquisition teams;
  • education and advisory support to agency staff on legal, technical, financial, and contractual issues;
  • user-friendly guidance documents;
  • help developing requests for proposals, initial proposals, and task or delivery orders;
  • review of price and technical proposals; and
  • experienced project facilitators to guide you through the entire process of developing and implementing a project.

To get started, call your DOE Regional Office's new FEMP Alternative Financing Representative (the list of DOE Regional Offices is available on the contacts page of the FEMP Focus). We look forward to working with you to develop best- value projects that are technically excellent, contractually and legally sound, and financially smart.

Beth Shearer, Director
Federal Energy Management Program