Your Alternative Financing Questions Answered

November 1, 2002

I am interested in using FEMP's Super Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) Program to finance energy retrofit projects at my facility. Are there any costs associated with implementing a Super ESPC project?

FEMP assists Federal agencies through the needs assessment and project planning phases as well as all of the phases up to and including the review of an initial proposal without any charge to the agency. The assessment and project planning phases consist of initial consultations, site visits, and preliminary identification of potential improvements in Federal energy efficiency and FEMP service needs such as alternative financing implementation or technical assistance. All services are funded through FEMP's appropriated funds.

If the agency decides to pursue alternative financing, an interagency agreement must be executed which allows for transfer of funds from the agency to FEMP's reimbursable account.

If agencies decide to proceed beyond the initial proposal using an ESPC, they are charged for additional FEMP services. This includes technical support to agencies for investment-grade audits, detailed energy surveys, technical and administrative services, design assistance, negotiation and award of delivery orders, implementation of projects, and post-installation measurement and verification.

How do I obtain Super ESPC project facilitation support from FEMP and what support would a project facilitator provide to my agency?

The assistance of a project facilitator is formally obtained via an Interagency Agreement and work order. Both forms are available to download from FEMP's ESPC Web site at

An experienced FEMP project facilitator assigned to each Super ESPC project (as requested) provides assistance with technical, financial, and contractual matters and guides the agency through the entire process of developing, awarding, and verifying savings from the Super ESPC project.

The project facilitator also reviews price and technical proposals, drafts the agency's delivery order request for proposal, and provides other services as requested. For more information about FEMP assistance provided to Super ESPC projects, please see

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