Two GSA Buildings in New York Powered by 100 Percent Wind Energy

November 1, 2002

The General Services Administration (GSA) recently announced that two of its facilities in New York State, the Binghamton Federal Building and the Pirnie Federal Building, are now powered entirely by wind-generated electricity from the Fenner Wind Farm in New York. GSA purchased 1,100 megawatthours of wind energy annually for 3 years from Community Energy, Inc., through an agreement with Select Energy, Inc. With this purchase, the Binghamton and Pirnie Federal buildings became the first two GSA owned and operated Federal facilities in the country powered solely by wind energy.

The green power purchase covers 100 percent of both facilities' electricity usage for 34 months, beginning July 2002. The contract was awarded by GSA's Energy Center of Expertise and is administered by the GSA's Northeast and Caribbean Region. The administrative fees GSA collects from its power procurement customers in New York fund the green power premium. The green power premium is $0.0175 (1.75 cents) per kilowatthour.

Karl Reichelt, GSA Regional Administrator, said that ". . . using wind power conforms to one of GSA's strategic goals of being environmentally responsible as a Federal government agency. The GSA is pleased to uphold President Bush's commitment to protecting the environment by exploring alternative energy uses."

The wind power supplied by the 30-megawatt Fenner Wind Farm went online last fall with funding support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency. GSA's green power purchase is expected to decrease annual emissions of the following pollutants: 1.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide; 3,322 pounds of nitrogen oxides; and 8,437 pounds of sulfur dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas and sulfur dioxide contributes to acid rain and regional haze. Nitrogen oxides, when mixed with hydrocarbons, heat, and sunlight, produce ground level ozone and smog.

The Binghamton and Pirnie Federal buildings have been accepted into the Green Power Leadership Club of the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership, a voluntary program working to reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation by fostering the development of green power. Partners in this program include Fortune 500 companies, states, Federal agencies, and universities from around the country.

GSA's renewable energy purchase supports the Federal renewable energy goal, which calls for the equivalent of 2.5 percent of Federal facility electricity consumption to be derived from new renewable energy sources by FY 2005.

For more information, please contact Brian Magden of GSA at or 212-264-0561, or David McAndrew of FEMP at 202-586-7722 or