Army Shows Renewable Energy Leadership in the Nation�s Capital

November 1, 2002

A photo recognizing the Army as a purchaser of renewable power

With a giant wind turbine blade as a backdrop, the Army and other local and regional institutions announce renewable energy purchases in Washington, D.C.

The Department of the Army was recognized for their purchase of 19 million kilowatthours of renewable power on September 30, 2002 at the Seventh National Green Power Marketing Conference in Washington, D.C. Through a supply agreement with Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc., more than 8 percent of the electricity needs of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Fort McNair, and Adelphi Laboratories will be generated by a combination of wind energy and landfill gas resources through the end of 2004.

John Nerger, the Army's Director of Facilities and Housing said, "This purchase illustrates the Army's commitment to furthering the development of domestic renewable energy resources in this region. We are pleased to see the wind industry grow in the region and around the nation."

This is one of the largest Federal renewable power purchases and will assist the Army in achieving the goals of Executive Order 13123, as well as proposed Federal legislation that would mandate a renewable portfolio standard. "The Army's leadership will be felt nationally, and especially in the Washington D.C. region," added Harry Warren, President of Washington Gas Energy Services, the supplier of the 5 million kilowatthours of wind power and 14 million kilowatthours of landfill gas annually. "The Army joins other local and regional institutions making a commitment to renewable energy."

Community Energy, Inc. will provide the renewable energy to Washington Gas Energy Services through a marketing arrangement with Exelon. "The Washington Gas Energy Services green electricity product means cleaner air to breathe and greater energy independence, a win-win decision that the Army can be proud of," said Brent Alderfer, President of Community Energy.

The wind energy will be delivered from the Mountaineer Wind Energy Center (formerly known as the Backbone Mountain Wind Farm) in West Virginia starting January 2003. FPL Energy recently purchased the rights to the 66-megawatt wind farm, the largest wind energy facility to be built in the eastern United States, producing the equivalent electricity needed to power 20,000 homes each year. Compared to the same amount of conventional generation in the mid-Atlantic, this wind generation is estimated to avoid 200 million pounds annually of carbon dioxide emissions. That is equal to taking more than 14,000 cars off the road. FPL Energy is the nation's leader in wind energy generation, with 24 wind farms in 8 states. The Army will purchase the entire output of one of the Mountaineer facility's 1.5 megawatt wind turbines when construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of the year.

The landfill gas plants are located in Commonwealth Edison's service territory. The plants became operational after 1990, thus meeting the renewable energy goal of Executive Order 13123 (see for the Federal renewable goal guidance).

The Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) coordinated the renewable power purchase for the Army. "We were delighted to assist the Army with this purchase and will include renewable power products for customers in upcoming electricity procurements," noted DESC Contracting Officer Larry Fratis.

For more information about renewable power purchases, please contact David McAndrew of FEMP at 202-586-7722 or; Chandra Shah of NREL at 303-384-7557 or; or Bill Golove of LBNL at 510-486-5229 or