Energy Efficiency and Peak Load Reduction Opportunities Available on FEMP's Utility Management Web Site

November 1, 2002

A view of FEMP's Utility Management Web site

FEMP's Utility Management Web site provides state-by-state information on the status of electric utility restructuring, guidance documents, and technical assistance options for procuring energy services, and information on green power and energy-efficiency programs offered in various states.

Faced with rising and volatile electricity and gas prices, Federal energy managers in many parts of the country are straining to manage their energy costs within current utility budgets. Simultaneously, many energy managers are thinking about how their agency can do its part to help maintain the reliability of the electricity grid in their region.

Federal customers have an array of energy efficiency and peak demand programs to assist them. Approximately 20 states have an estimated $900 million to $1.1 billion in public purpose funds available for energy efficiency projects alone per year. Additional financial incentives are available for demand response programs including more than $10 million available through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and incentives offered by regional and state Independent System Operators.

FEMP's Utility Management Web site provides comprehensive, state-by-state information on opportunities for financial and technical support for energy efficiency, load management, and distributed generation projects. In the energy management section of the web site, the user is presented with a map of the United States and can click on the state for which they would like information. For each state, users can find descriptions of and links to programs providing:

  • no-cost energy audits, design assistance, and engineering analysis;
  • rebates and financial incentives for energy-efficient equipment, green building design, and distributed generation systems;
  • rebates for energy management and energy information systems;
  • real time pricing options and demand response programs; and
  • other opportunities for financial and technical assistance with energy efficiency and load management.

With electricity industry restructuring, the funding and administration of energy efficiency and load management programs is changing in some states. To keep pace with these changes, the web site is updated semi-annually to provide Federal agencies with current information. Visit the web site at and click on "Utility Management Web site."

For more information, please contact David McAndrew of FEMP at 202-586-7722 or, or Chuck Goldman of LBNL at 510-486-4637 or