FEMP's Industrial Facilities Program: Helping Agencies Achieve EO 13123 Goals for Industrial Facilities

August 1, 2002

Through its collaboration with DOE's Industrial Technologies Program (ITP), FEMP's Industrial Facilities Program is making ITP's widely-recognized technical expertise available to Federal customers with industrial facilities. FEMP's Industrial Facilities Program can provide Federal agencies with plant-wide or system-targeted assessments, technical training, publications, and software. The Industrial Facilities Program, in tandem with FEMP's alternative financing programs, gives agencies a comprehensive approach for reducing industrial energy use and identifying efficiency opportunities, and helps them meet the goals of Executive Order 13123.

Two of the most popular services the Industrial Facilities Program offers are the plant-wide and system-targeted assessments. Plant-wide assessments are conducted by teams from DOE's Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC). These teams are comprised of highly qualified teams of engineering faculty and students from 26 universities around the country. The IAC teams conduct multi-day plant-wide assessments, then make recommendations to managers to help them identify opportunities to save energy, improve productivity, and reduce waste. System-targeted assessments, conducted by ITP engineering consultants during multi-day site visits, focus on identifying energy savings opportunities in steam, compressed air, motors, and pumping systems.

To be eligible for a plant-wide or system-specific assessment:

  1. A facility must be categorized as an industrial space. Executive Order 13123 defines an industrial facility as "any fixed equipment, building, or complex for the production of goods that uses large amounts of capital equipment in connection with, or as part of, any process or system, and within which the majority of energy use is not devoted to the heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, or to service the hot water energy load requirements of the facility."

  2. The facility or targeted system must have a high potential for energy savings, and the agency must provide facility, system, and energy information for screening purposes.

  3. Funding mechanisms must be in place for near-term implementation.

In FY 2002, the Industrial Facilities Program conducted several plant-wide and system-targeted assessments across the country:

  • The Denver Mint (Denver, Colorado)—The Colorado State University IAC team identified $61,000 in savings with a simple payback of 3.8 years during a plant-wide assessment.

  • Radford Army Ammunition Plant (Radford, Virginia)—DOE ITP consultants performed targeted compressed air and steam system assessments.

  • Western Currency Facility (Fort Worth, Texas)—A plant-wide assessment conducted by the Texas A&M University and University of Texas-Arlington IAC team identified more than $300,000 in annual savings with a simple payback of 2.5 years.

  • NASA Kennedy Space Center (Florida)—DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory team completed an assessment of HVAC operations in industrial areas and identified more than $160,000 in annual savings with a simple payback of less than 1 year.

FEMP's organization and deployment strategies have enabled the Industrial Facilities Program to move quickly to deliver services to Federal industrial facilities.

For more information about assessments, training, publications, and software that FEMP's Industrial Facilities Program has to offer, please contact Michaela Martin of ORNL at 865-574-8688 or martinma@ornl.gov or Alison Thomas of FEMP at 202-586-2099 or alison.thomas@ee.doe.gov.