Achieve Energy Performance Goals for New Building Design

August 1, 2002

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The EPA ENERGY STAR® Target Finder software tool and New Building Design Guidance can help improve energy performance in Federal facilities.

Target Finder: An Energy Performance Rating System for New Building Design

Target Finder will provide the annual energy usage for your design based on actual building energy usage in similar buildings (using DOE's Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey database). By entering basic building information and occupancy data, the tool assigns a score from 1 to 100 and determines the corresponding annual kBtu usage. A score of 90 (and its associated energy usage) will be in the top 10 percent of U.S. building stock. EPA recommends that an aggressive energy target be established early in the design process to provide focus and direction to your energy performance strategies. Commercial new construction can achieve 50 percent energy savings using an integrated design approach and carefully implemented energy performance strategies. Comparing your estimated energy usage to the target enables you to modify the design to achieve your goals.

New Building Design Guidance: Recommended Actions and Resources

The New Building Design Guidance consists of a series of recommended actions at each stage of the design process that focus attention on energy issues and encourage an integrated design approach. A resources section provides a list of applicable web sites containing relevant information for each stage. The guidance does not advocate specific building characteristics or systems and components. Rather, it encourages building owners and designers to consider energy performance in making critical design decisions. For example, pre-design recommendations state that: involving a multi-disciplinary design team, conducting a charrette (an intensive planning workshop) that includes energy performance objectives, and using Target Finder to determine annual energy use will help you achieve performance goals. To obtain the guidance, go to select "Resources," and then select "New Building Design Guidance."

Online Workshop: Achieving Energy Performance Goals for New Building Design

ENERGY STAR® offers monthly online presentations on "Achieving Energy Performance Goals for New Building Design." The next session is scheduled for August 28, 2002 at 2:00 p.m. eastern standard time. To register, access and select "Resources" and click on "Internet Presentations."

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