FEDS 5.0 is Now Available!

August 1, 2002

Photo of laptop with FEDS 50 on the screen.

The Facility Energy Decision System, or FEDS, is a software tool that quickly and objectively identifies energy improvements that maximize savings. With limited user input, this program can:

  • develop a building prototype and engineering parameters,
  • calculate electrical demand and energy consumption,
  • determine potential retrofits and their cost effectiveness using Federal life-cycle cost analyses as required in 10 CFR 436A and OMB Circular A-94 or assuming energy savings performance contract funding,
  • provide detailed analysis of single buildings or large installations with many buildings, and
  • meet Executive Order 13123 requirements.

FEDS determines the optimum set of cost-effective retrofits from a database of hundreds of proven technologies. These include retrofits for heating, cooling, lighting, motors, building envelope, and water heating. Replacement or modification considerations vary from complete replacement to functional enhancements to fuel switching. Optimization can be targeted to a single end-use, building, or entire installation, and retrofit cost data can be modified to better represent costs at your site.

As with previous versions, FEDS 5.0 has been developed by DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with the support of FEMP and other Federal agencies. FEDS 5.0 marks a substantial step forward in the continued evolution of the FEDS software. Moving the code to a full 32-bit platform has enabled the software to provide a more complete and intuitive Windows®-based interface with a menu bar and icon-driven command toolbar and a new integrated user's guide and help system. The 32-bit environment has increased execution speed up to ten-fold or more. FEDS 5.0 contains fully updated cost and performance data, new baseline and retrofit technologies, and many functionality enhancements aimed at making FEDS easier to use.

FEDS software is available free of charge to Federal agencies and contractors working for Federal agencies and projects funded and directly performed by an agency of a State government. Copies of the software can also be purchased for other use. To obtain copies of the software visit the FEDS web site.

FEMP conducts FEDS training workshops, distributes the FEDS software, and provides technical assistance. Workshops provide hands-on experience and in-depth information on using the software to best meet your needs. Dates and the location of FY 2003 FEDS training workshops are:

  • Introduction to FEDS - May 21, 2003 in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Advanced FEDS - May 22-23, 2003 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Additional dates will be announced including a three-day workshop to be co-sponsored by FEMP and DOE's Rebuild America Program. Specialized on-site training on a cost reimbursable basis is also available to Federal agencies. The full schedule of FEMP's training courses is available at www.eere.energy.gov/femp/resources/training/femptraining.html.

For more information on FEDS software or workshops, please see the FEDS web site or contact Rosemarie Bartlett at 509-375-6606 or FEDS.Support@pnl.gov. To register for FEDS workshops, please go online or call 509-372-4368.