Attention Sponsors of Energy and Water Management Training: FEMP Seeks Training Course Submissions for Event LOCATOR System

August 1, 2002

FEMP will include your training courses in FEMP's online Training Event Locator System LOCATOR, at no charge. The LOCATOR database helps the energy and water conservation community obtain information about training courses and conferences offered by FEMP and many other public and private organizations. These organizations include Federal, state, and local government departments and agencies, colleges and universities, professional associations, industry groups, and private-sector organizations. LOCATOR provides training course information including:

  • Course Category and Course Sub-Categories,
  • Course Title,
  • Event Dates and Location,
  • Organization Contact Information,
  • Course Cost,
  • Target Audience Information,
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and,
  • Other information as appropriate.

LOCATOR is being updated to a more user-friendly format with a redesigned site layout and graphics, and improved search features. The site's increased search capabilities include revised subject categories, i.e., key word searching (see accompanying box), and a useful index of course sponsor Web sites.

After users have identified pertinent courses of interest, they are responsible for contacting the course sponsors directly to obtain detailed course descriptions, register for a specific course, or obtain any additional information which may be required. LOCATOR provides active links to course sponsors' e-mail and web site addresses, where applicable. LOCATOR is available on FEMP's web site.

Organizations that offer training courses designed to improve the energy-saving capabilities of operations staff, designers, managers, planners, and acquisition personnel at Federal facilities may submit information for inclusion in LOCATOR. The "Add Course" link on the navigation bar provides a convenient screen for directly entering course information. FEMP retains the right to accept or decline all course submissions, and to edit the record in the LOCATOR database.

If you would like to include your training course information in LOCATOR, you may submit your course information via the web site, or you may forward your information to Douglas Eisemann at:

Douglas Eisemann
McNeil Technologies, Inc.
6564 Loisdale Court, Suite 800
Springfield, VA 22150 703-921-1633
703-921-1610 (fax)

For more information about LOCATOR, please contact Ted Collins of FEMP at 202-586-8017 or

Course Categories

The Course Categories are subject-specific key words that are the primary means for searching and retrieving training course information from the database. Course Categories and Sub-Categories are based on the training areas required for "Trained Energy Managers" by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and the training goals of Executive Order 13123 and more recent Executive Branch directives. The Course Categories and Sub-Categories were updated this year to reflect current issues of significance to the Federal energy management community:

  • Alternative Financing for Energy Projects
      1.1 Energy Savings Performance Contracting
      1.2 Utility Energy Service Contracting

  • Utility Purchasing and Pricing
      2.1 Peak Load Management
      2.2 Utility Deregulation
      2.3 Green Power and Renewable Energy Purchasing

  • Operations and Maintenance
      3.1 Energy Auditing
      3.2 Building Commissioning

  • Renewables/Distributed Energy Resources (On-Site Generation)
      4.1 Solar
      4.2 Wind
      4.3 Geothermal
      4.4 Biomass
      4.5 Combined Heat and Power
      4.6 Fuel Cells

  • Water Conservation

  • Building Energy Systems
      6.1 Building Envelope
      6.2 Lighting
      6.3 HVAC/Boilers/Chillers
      6.4 Electrical Systems/Transformers

  • Energy-Efficient Equipment Procurement

  • Building Design and Construction
      8.1 Sustainable Design and Construction
      8.2 Energy Codes and Standards
      8.3 Design Criteria

  • Energy Accounting and Analysis
      9.1 Energy Metering
      9.2 Energy Audits

  • Life-Cycle Cost Methodology

  • Energy Intensive Facilities and Processes
      11.1 Industrial
      11.2 Laboratories

  • General Energy Management Topics/Other

The Course Categories, which encompass applicable Sub-Categories, may be searched including all the Sub-Categories (the default option), or specific Sub-Categories may be searched individually. When multiple Course Categories are combined into a single search, all applicable Sub-Categories are included. Most other fields of LOCATOR course records are searchable, including the Course Title (text words), Organization Name (drop down list), Event State (drop down list), and Event Date (specified range). All these data elements may be combined to provide search results tailored to the specific requirements of each user. A list of summary search results are displayed and each entry in the list may be selected to display detailed course information.