FEMP Undergoes Web Site Re-Design

April 20, 2004

If you have visited FEMP's Web site lately, you may have noticed some changes. In January 2003, FEMP began restructuring its web site. After a comprehensive review of the site, it was determined that having more than 2,400 pages was burdensome and that the site needed to be more user-friendly and more easily navigable. FEMP staff along with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and contractor db Interactive, Inc., completed the process in March 2004 of condensing the information and presenting it in a more efficient manner. The same information will be available to users, but will be more concise. As a result of the re-design, the total number of pages has been cut by one-half. One new feature will be the inclusion of news and events in each major area, as they relate to specific programs. For instance, in the Super Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) section, meetings and conferences with specific reference to ESPC issues will be noted on that page. The separate News and Events site will remain for users to browse for all energy-related items.

For more information on the FEMP web re-design, please contact Annie Haskins, 202-586-4536.