Department of Health & Human Services, U.S. Army, National Cancer Institute/U.S. Army Garrison at Fort Detrick—"Results"

December 1, 2002

The Partnership for Energy Performance (PEP) is a performance contracting initiative underway at Fort Detrick that is achieving significant reductions in energy and energy-related costs. PEP has a dedicated team consisting of employees from the National Cancer Institute (Department of Health and Human Services), the U.S. Army Garrison, Allegheny Power (the local utility in partnership with Cogenex Corporation), and SAIC Frederick (the operations and technical support contractor for the National Cancer Institute), working together in a public-private partnership to successfully implement facility improvements. Under a utility area-wide agreement, PEP developed a utility energy services contract to acquire energy conservation services and more than $25 million in facility improvements. The goal of PEP in signing this agreement is to help the Fort Detrick facility meet the energy reduction goals of Executive Order 13123.

Through the implementation of the PEP program, Fort Detrick expects to achieve annual energy and maintenance cost savings in excess of $2.9 million. To date, the program has achieved energy and maintenance cost savings of more than $3.6 million and expects to save more than $60 million over the term of the contract. Annual electricity savings exceed 19 gigawatthours and more than 163 million pounds of steam. The PEP program is helping Fort Detrick do its part to improve local air quality, too. Projected savings will result in an annual reduction of 12 tons of carbon monoxide, 22 tons or sulfur dioxide, 42 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 6 tons or particulates. Caron dioxide emissions will be reduced by nearly 33,000 tons annually, this is equivalent to planting more than 6,500 acres of trees. Almost 340 billion Btu of energy will be saved each year, enough to provide the annual needs of 2,800 typical area households. Nearly 17 million gallons of water will also be saved annually, the equivalent of almost 16 hours of water use by the entire county of Frederick, Maryland, where the facility is located.

Team Members:

Bradley S. Anderson
Donald F. Archibald
David M. Braslau
Dennis J. Dougherty
Richard Ellison
Mitzi Guarino
Gary R. Happel
Darcy L. Immerman
Jean LaPadula
Jack T. Mahon
Kim A. Nusbaum

Members of the U.S. Department of Commerce team