Renewable Energy Workshop—Meeting Federal Renewable Energy Goals

April 20, 2004

As part of Executive Order 13123, DOE was tasked to work with the Interagency Energy Task Force to develop goals for use of renewable energy by Federal agencies. The group established a goal of 2.5% of agencies' on-site energy to come from renewable energy sources by 2005 (FY 2005). Federal agencies are now about half way there—but still there is much to accomplish to reach the 2.5% goal.

Learn your best options for pursuing renewable energy projects and green power purchases to help your agency meet the target at a workshop developed by FEMP to be held in Seattle, WA, on April 29, 2004. Information will be presented to give you background on the renewable energy goals, what resources qualify toward the 2.5% target, update on progress by each agency, and opportunities and implementation options for renewable energy projects and green power purchases. There will also be a "provider panel" with information on resources you can use to pursue your goals.

Other renewable energy workshops will also be given by FEMP this fiscal year in other locations. For any of these workshops, go to the FEMP training calendar for more information and registration at the FEMP Web site.