Western Offers Federal Agencies Renewable Energy Options

May 5, 2003

Western Area Power Administration, in cooperation with the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), has created a program designed to increase the renewable power options available to Federal agencies.

Western offers three renewable energy products to these agencies: Renewable Power, Supplemental Renewable Energy, and Renewable Energy Certificates, or Green Tags. Under the Renewable Power option, Western can buy renewable energy for Federal agencies located within Western's 15-state service territory. The Supplemental Renewable Energy product, like its namesake, allows current customers to acquire renewable energy to supplement their current firm hydropower deliveries from Western. In the Renewable Energy Certificates, or Green Tags program, Western can buy renewable energy and then sell the energy's environmental attributes to a Federal customer. For more information on these program options, read the new brochure Renewable Resources for Federal Agencies (PDF 92KB). Download Acrobat Reader.

This program not only provides new options to Federal agencies for purchasing renewable energy, but it also helps the agencies meet their energy needs, stimulate the development of new renewable resources, and meet the current Federal goal to achieve 2.5 percent of the electricity load from renewable resources by 2005.

For more information and details on how Federal agencies sign up for Western's renewable resource services, visit: http://www.wapa.gov/powerm/pmtags.htm.