Secretary Abraham Starts Implementation of National Energy Policy by Announcing Strategic Review of Energy Efficiency R&D Programs

May 23, 2001

Jeanne Lopatto, 202/586-4940
Joe Davis, 202/586-4940
May 23, 2001

WASHINGTON, DC -- Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham made a quick start of his department implementation of the President's National Energy Policy by directing the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to undertake a strategic review of its energy efficiency research and development programs. This is the first recommendation of the National Energy Policy to be implemented since it was announced last week.

The President offered the American people a balanced and comprehensive plan to address our nation's energy challenges, Secretary Abraham said. With energy demand outpacing supply, it's also clear that the National Energy Policy is urgently needed. That's why we are moving swiftly at the Department of Energy to implement key recommendations contained in the plan.

Today we are announcing a program review that highlights the balance in the President's policy. The Energy Department researches and develops energy-saving technologies for energy-efficient lighting, windows and more fuel-efficient cars and trucks, said Secretary Abraham. This review will identify ways to improve the lives of Americans through energy efficiency while streamlining our programs and saving taxpayer dollars. I welcome the public input in this comprehensive review.

The President's energy policy recommended a review of current funding and historic performance of DOE's energy efficiency research and development programs. Secretary Abraham will propose appropriate funding of those research and development programs that are found to be performance-based and are modeled as public-private partnerships. Public input will be sought at the outset of the review to be conducted by DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The review will evaluate past performance and identify ideas for future public-private partnerships. This review will complement a current National Academy of Sciences (NAS) study, which is expected to be released this summer. Secretary Abraham has set July 10 as the deadline for the initial phase of the review, with the final phase to be completed by September 1.