Green Power Partnership Program to Recognize Agency Success

July 28, 2004

Renewable power purchasing is creating the same environmental product buzz that "recycled content" products have realized in the past. As with recycled content paper, federal agencies are now leading the charge. The Green Power Partnership (GPP), a federal voluntary program that encourages organizations to use renewable power as a part of best-practice environmental management, is highlighting the nation's government facilities and businesses that are switching to renewable power. In return for technical assistance and public recognition, partners in the program pledge to replace a portion of their electricity consumption with renewable power within a year of joining.

Currently 21 federal organizations have joined the GPP--including sites from the Air Force, Army, Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, General Service Administration, NASA, National Park Service, and the Navy. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an agency-wide partner. Federal agencies have committed to purchasing more than 220 million kilowatt-hours annually, making the federal government the largest single purchaser in the Partnership. Dyess Air Force Base (AFB) became the first AFB to join the GPP, and it is the largest site in the Partnership to make a 100 percent commitment to renewable energy (see March/April 2003 FEMP Focus article). In recognition for its unparalleled commitment to renewable energy, Dyess won the Partner of the Year Award at the 2003 Green Power Leadership Awards in Chicago.

Each year, the EPA, the DOE, and the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) recognize the actions of individuals and organizations in purchasing and providing renewable electricity through the annual Green Power Leadership Awards. In addition to the competitive awards, any Partner which has purchased approximately four times the requirement for joining the Partnership is eligible for the Green Power Leadership Club.

CRS is a non-profit organization that administers the Green-e program, the nation's leading voluntary certification program for renewable electricity and renewable energy certificate products. Green-e sets consumer protection and environmental standards and verifies that Green-e certified products meet these standards. The Green-e logo denotes products that meet the Green-e Standard for environmental excellence, and is a quick and easy way for consumers to identify environmentally superior energy products. Green-e standards for defining renewable power are the standards used by the Green Power Partnership.

Check out and for additional information about Green-e and the GPP.